Benefits of turn-key solutions

OEM selection assistance, pre-construction services, site construction services, and equipment installation are all in sync. This type of partnership reduces costs, creates greater quality, and reduces scope creep. This relationship also greatly reduces project timelines and reduces project cost overruns. The budget and schedule are both closely monitored throughout the project life cycle.

Turn-Key Solutions

We work with you and your team to establish budgets for: OEM selection and awards, projected return on investment, pre-construction planning and management, schedule building, project management during the project, and turnkey construction and OEM installation services during the entire project life cycle. NIM becomes your one stop shop for all your capital project needs.

This turn-key arrangement gives the client greater financial flexibility along with much more security in knowing that the project has a greater probability to finish under budget and on time.


We are an authorized builder for Nucor Building Systems, so we can assist with all your building feature selections. We will also assist in OEM selection and help you through the entire capital project life cycle.


We can self-perform all stages of a construction project, including: site demo, grading, foundations/flooring, framing, masonry, steel erection, electrical, insulation, fireproofing and roofing.

Mechanical equipment installation

We can self-perform all stages of mechanical installation, including: equipment foundations and drainage, equipment assembly/erection, alignment, electrical, ducting, piping, and startup.